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Ever since my book on the European Union was published, I have continued to speak of events that are progressively moving nations toward the final, restored Roman Empire prophesied by Daniel (chapter 7). In Europe today, there is growing concern among nations over the shift from national sovereignty toward the globalist government of the EU. This unity that promotes the EU's open border policy and uncontrolled immigration are the primary reasons that recent national elections have favored conservative, nationalistic candidates.  In this newsletter, I want to look at this issue in light of the Brexit vote.


August 16, 18, 20

Leola Community Bible Church

Leola, PA

October 9, 10

New England Bible Conference

Middletown Bible Church

Middletown, CT

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A biblical study of Angels: In this video, Pastor David Moss examines Demon Possession - real or not; effects of; and dealing with those effected.

There is one more class in this series.

Join David for the eighth program of his series.


Just Made Available: A Study of Calvin's Perseverance of the Saints

In this video Rob explains that the "Perseverance of the Saints" does not mean "once saved, always saved," but rather that the individual must continue good works to secure enough "evidence" that they are truly the elect. That "evidence" will be presented at the Great White Throne Judgment.

That may seem surprising to you, but in the video you will see how New Calvinist's promote this concept and have actually returned to a true John Calvin understanding of the doctrine. [CMI believes that the Great White Throne Judgment is only for unbelievers, for believers were judge at the Cross and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ].

This video biblically examines the Scriptures to see what God teaches and concludes that God teaches the preservation of all true believers (Jude 24, 25).


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